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Dota 6.67b AI
Download link after the break.

Download DotA 6.67b AI Map Here!

6.67b (v0.2141)
- Heroes and items were updated from BuffMePlz's 6.66b AI.

The following game modes have been disabled for now:
-vr, -rv, -rd, -cd, -cm, -lm, -xl

The following game commands have been disabled for now:
-afk, -kickafk, -ah, -switch, -fun

Things that are bugs:
-Crashes with reproducible reasons
-Abilities/items not working as expected (for players or bots)

Things that are not bugs:
-Bots not using certain abilities
-Bots being too strong/weak/cheating. They do that.

Other known bugs:
1.Scroll of Town Portal's mechanism didn't change to 6.67b.
2.Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness would cause target become invincible.

* Please use -repick or -airepick to make human/AI player choose another hero.


1 Response for the "New DotA 6.67b AI Map Available for Download"

  1. bunetz says:

    Harekke has just released his very first map. But instead of Dota 6.67c AI, he made Dota 6.67b AI map. But regardless, it’s very nice to have a new Dota AI map. However, don’t give too much expectation because this is his first work and bugs is expected. Below is the complete changelogs of DotA-Allstars 6.67b AI ver.06/07/2010 Map: Changelogs: ============== Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/07/2010 ============== – The first Dota 6.67b AI map – Bugis expected – AI player cannot use new items. And because Magnus, Nerubian Weaver, Bone Fletcher and Spirit Breaker …

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