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HKS PS3 Racing Controller
Bad-ass Racing Controller

I remember one time I bought a racing wheel for my PC. I was so excited and thrilled to finally play my favorite PC racing games on an actual wheel controller. It sucks to play racing games on a keyboard and anyone who has tried it can attest to that! It cost me money to buy that wheel but don't get me wrong, configured properly it works great! The only disappointment is that it doesn't work well with my PS3. Here comes Eagle3 to the rescue.

What you're looking on the picture above is a HKS Racing Controller for the PS3, designed and produced by Eagle3. The controller aims to be a cost-effective alternative to buying an expensive wheel controller for the console. Here's a quote from the original MotorWorldHype article:

One of the analog joysticks has been scrapped in favor for a left to right “thumb steering wheel” of sorts complete with center stripe. This eliminates any wasted up or down motions you might normally make with your thumb when using a traditonal analog stick leaving only the nessasary left and right motions for precise steering.
On the right side of the controller you’ll see that the “square” and “x” buttons have been transformed into miniature gas and brake pedals for your thumb. These pedals are also full analog as well so you can adjust your braking or throttle application to an exact value which is displayed via digital gauge in the middle of the controller.

It has been reported that Eagle 3 will offer this amazing controller for a mere $54.99. This costs just about the same as an original PS3 controller. Not bad! This controller really interests me especially now that Sony will be releasing Gran Turismo 5! I hope this will be available here in the Philippines! :)

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