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Sony Launching Paid PSN?

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Playstation Network
Free ride over?

There are reports that Sony maybe launching a premium service for its Playstation Network.and it will be announced at the upcoming E3. Currently, PS3 and PSP owners are enjoying the service for free.  The premium service is rumored to cost around $70/yr. Is it all going to change now?

Fortunately, this won't be the case. VG247 says that it will be an "added" service. The free service would still remain but players who are willing to pay for the premium service will have added 'benefits'. Some of these bonuses will come as features but most intriguing of them is the rumored free game every month with the premium service to be chosen by the player.

Not much is known now, but we'll eventually here more at E3. So, as a gamer, will you pay for the premium service? Feel free to comment below.

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