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Pangya: Fantasy Golf for PSP

Posted by Admin On 3:33 PM 1 comments

I am currently addicted to this game "Pangya: Fantasy Golf" for the Playstation Portable. My cousin let me borrow his PSP a week ago and let me play the game. Since then I was hooked.

A little background... I've been playing the online version of Pangya for 3 years now starting from Season 1. It's a great game that got me hooked from the start and leveled up from a mere Rookie to now a veteran Senior. I've met a lot of great and skilled people from all over the world just by playing it on the international server from the now defunct A18 to the new home server of NTreev USA.

One thing lacked the online version, its the story behind all the action going on at Pangya Island. That's where the PSP version stands out. It gave me info behind how the characters inside the Pangya adventure came to be on the island and even the roles of the caddies. It really gives perspective on why a certain course is like this and why a certain situation came to be. I won't be ranting on for long but if you're asking me if the PSP version is worth it, the answer would be yes! It's both for the newbies and the veterans. Besides, there's a new character available on the PSP version that's not yet available online. ^__^

I've put the opening theme of the PSP version here. Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome shoes!