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Dota AllStars 6.60b
6.60b Changelog:
* Some minor performance optimizations
* Fixed a fatal error possible when 2 users with blademail active fight each other
* Fixed a desync bug when using -tips while other map languages are in the game
* Fixed Force Staff so it doesn't push you into an impassable terrain
* Fixed some bugs with RS and other modes like RD
* Fixed a group memory bug
* Fixed camera from moving when you pick a hero in RD

* Fixed pink player from not being able to pick the furthest hero in -CD
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Echo Stomp to not get dispelled upon damage
* Fixed some issues with Treant Protector's Eyes In The Forest
* Fixed a multiple quelling abuse
* Added a note in the tooltip about Kunkka not being able to use Quelling Blade
* Fixed a minor visual cooldown glitch with the MKB toggle
* Temporarily disabled -terrain snow. It was causing annoying visual side effects for all terrain modes when exploring terrain that had previously destroyed trees. I'll restore this functionality as soon as I can.
* Fixed some typos

This is just a quick bugfix patch to fix exploits being abused. More changes and balance tweaks will come soon in the next patch. Click here to download.

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