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Pangya: OGPlanet to Ntreev

Posted by Admin On 11:33 AM 4 comments

Weee.... Pangya is back! I have successfully transferred my account from OGPlanet to Ntreev USA! I thought all was lost when OGPlanet announced that they were closing down Albatross18 on their lineup of games. Pangsters have to be thankful to Ntreev for opting to backup the players' accounts and items and provide a system to recover it.

For players who want to recover their A18 accounts, please go to and click "Recover Account" to start the process. See ya on the green!

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4 Response for the "Pangya: OGPlanet to Ntreev"

  1. jan says:

    oh wow! congratz
    can you tell me whats up with the registration? i cant seem to register from any of their games..
    and then i thought that i need to change my "Ip" so i can get through..still no luck!!
    but i havent given up just yet!
    can you please tell me how to do it??

  2. Jonas J. says:

    hi! i didn't register for a new account, i just recovered my old OGPlanet account and transferred it to Ntreev.

    to recover your account, just go to their website and click on "Recover Account" on the right-hand side of the page.

    my friend tried to recover his account too but was unsuccessful. maybe not all accounts can be transferred? anyway, goodluck! ^_^

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