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Android Gaming is the Best!

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Android Gaming
I love this little green guy!

Yep! I'm alive! This blog has been on hiatus for quite some time now and if some of you (or even any of you) have wondered where I've been... it was because I somewhat became busy the past few weeks IRL. Not so much interesting happened save for one little detail.... I GOT MYSELF A SMARTPHONE... and here it is:

No, I'm not advertising the product. I'm just showing you the smartphone I bought for myself and this little devil is part of the reason why I haven't been much paying attention to the website. It is a great device. Fast, very responsive, and has a large bright screen. I'd give it a perfect score of 10 if not for the lackluster battery life of about 24 hours on average use. Anyway there's more... it is a GREAT gaming platform. With all the games available for the android system, it's a shame that gaming website hasn't given it an independent category like the iPhone. Oh well, that will change in time.

I will post a few more articles on android gaming for the next few days. A hint though... it's got an extensive list of available emulators for all systems except for the current gen consoles. And it's awesome. ;-)

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