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StarCraft 2 Prepaid
Hell, its about time!

I noticed the lack of instructions on the internet on how people could play the prepaid version of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty so I decided to make one to help my fellow gamers.

Step 1:

Go to and create an account. You will be automatically redirected to your current region. SEA for South East Asian countries and NA for other countries.

Step 2:

Download the game client through the downloads section. Alternatively, SEA players can download the Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Launcher here.

Step 3:

While downloading, you can add game time codes onto your SC2 account by purchasing them thru IAHGames (paypal) or your nearest e-Loading dealer. In the Philippines, you can purchase them through any dealer of LoadCentral or by using your credits from LevelUpGames.

If you opt to use your credits from LevelUp, here's the link for instructions. CLICK HERE.

Prices for game codes are:
50 pesos - 3 days
100 pesos - 7 days
350 pesos - 30 days

Step 4:

After installation, the game client would probably download additional patches. Just wait a little longer and then you can hit play and enjoy the game!

Add me up. My in-game name is Eclipse. See ya!

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