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NCSoft's Blade and Soul

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Blade and Soul
Most anticipated MMO...

A friend of mine gave me a head's up on an upcoming title by NCSoft titled, Blade and Soul. There's not much info yet about the game but from the interview and gameplay footage released by the company, it's pretty awesome for an MMO. It almost made me think that it was a console game with superb graphics, fluid animations, and fast-paced action skills. It's like Final Fantasy meets Soul Calibur; its my best way to describe it to people. 

In the video, you can see that, even though it is still in the development stage, the game looks polished and well-rounded with the different classes and skills. It featured large worlds to explore and a LOT of customizations for your selected avatar. This is almost expected because this people created awesome games like AION, Lineage, and my personal favorite Exteel. Those games rock! The best thing about the developers is that they are creating this beautiful game but still thinks about how it will work flawlessly with older hardware. They really are listening to their players! Anyway, enough chatter and more viewing. Enjoy the video below! :)

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