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Dragonica Open Beta on Aug 24!

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Dragonica Philippines
Now that's a 3rd eye!

Dragonica, released by e-Games Philippines, will begin its Open Beta Testing on August 24, 2010.

What are the things to expect in the OBT? To start off, the Lavalon Map will be opened. This scorching hot area will have unique environs with monsters and mobs to slay! Also, the Level Cap is up to 45 so you can slay and do more! On top of that, there will be new cash shop items in the Big Wheel to help you in your quests!

But the biggest addition is that there won’t be any Character wipes! Your OBT character will stay until Dragonica goes commercial!

On top of that, the Dragonica web site will now have everything you need for your adventures! But before you start your adventures, you have to download a manual patch!

See you in-game on August 24! It’s Slayin’ Time! ^_^

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