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Enable that 3D goodness!

So you have a PS3, you've got that shining new 2010 3D TV, and you've updated to the latest firmware. Now what? Sony may have rolled out stereoscopic 3D format capability to their flagship console but left gamers scratching their heads on how to enable and use it. Bad Sony. Fortunately, T-Murder78 posted a detailed guide on a forum thread at the playstation forums. I'll be posting a part of his original message:

First and foremost the 3D is up and running. You must own a 2010 model 3D TV (with active shutter glasses) for it to work.

I had to bypass my H/K AVR254. A lot of AVR's are not 3D compatible (I ran hdmi 1.3 from PS3 to panasonic VT25, then digital optical from TV to AVR)

To enable it:

Go to the XMB

Under display settings go to Video Output Settings

Select HDMI, AUTOMATIC, and say "YES" it should then say a 3D display was detected and asks you the size of your TV.

Purchase Wipeout HD from the PS Store ($19.99), download and install it, When you boot it, it should say "the latest available software is available" download and install ver 2.2 (about 9 MB). This enables 3D.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift and Super Stardust HD were downloaded from the 3D demos section of the PS Store. Just download them and install. There will be an option to "PLAY IN 3D" on the main menu.

If you own one of the "older" Mitsubishi or Samsung DLP 3D Televisions it WILL NOT WORK you will have to purchase an adaptor to convert it from the "checkerboard" format. (Hey, its still cheaper than buying a new HD3D TV!)

Thanks T-Murder78. You can find the original thread here.

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