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Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light
Watch the trailer after the break

Nintendo DS fans would be happy to know that Square Enix has released the official trailer of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light at this year's E3.

The 4 Heroes of Light was developed by the people responsible for the remakes of FF3 and FF4 for the DS while the overall design is done by the famous Akihiko Yoshida. It is slated for release around October of this year.

The plays like the classic FF games with a turn-based combat system. It also has a new level-up process called the Crown Job system with an extensive list of jobs or class. Knowing Square Enix, the massive in-game customization is for real.

The game is actually cute, pardon my choice of word but there's no other word that can describe it :). Well you decide for yourself after watching the trailer :)

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  1. I know that this game comes with a rather cool reception in Japan, but I think it sounds interesting.

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