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It renders game ratings useless.

South Korea wants changes within StarCraft 2 before it allows Blizzard to release the game later this year. Changes includes:
  • no smoking scenes
  • no profanities
  • all blood will be changed from red to black

As long as Blizzard makes this changes, the game can be sold to players aged 12 and up. Now this changes doesn't really affect the gameplay but the idea of stupid censorship in-game ticks me off. Are there no smokers in Korea? Nobody curses? Is the blood of the people there colored black? As a player here in the Philippines, I encounter this things on a daily basis. Well not the blood thing of course. It's not really things that 12 year olds are naive about. *sigh*

Well business is business and Blizzard wants to sell so they have to abide by the rules.

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