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Rockstar Bad Parents
Parenting fail...

Reminder to parents: game ratings exist for a reason Make sure you read the box description before buying games for your kids. As per Rockstar's latest statement about parents buying their games for their kids:

Is it any wonder the developer/publisher comes out with guns blazing? The argument clearly gets tiring after a while. "Our games are not designed for young people," said Rockstar's Lazlow in an interview. "If you're a parent and buy one of our games for your child, you're a terrible parent. We design games for adults because we're adults. There's a lot of kids games out there that we're not interested in playing. Just like you enjoy watching movies and TV shows with adult themes and language and violence, that's the kind of thing we seek to produce."

So if you're one of those parents who bought Rockstar Games' titles (GTA series) as gifts... maybe its time to take them back? I'll be making a parents' buying guide here in the future. Stay tuned. :)

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