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Pangya Eastern Valley
This made my day today!

I've been playing Pangya since 2005 and I never get bored with it. That's a big feat for an online game or for any game at that. It's like it has its unique blend of logic and fun that makes it interesting. And add the MMO factor, you'd barely want to get up from your seat when you start playing.

A lot of people play this game. And I mean a lot. The age bracket is surprisingly diverse. I've played with gamers as young as 7 years old and as old as 50! That just shows that the market field of this game is huge. And now since the introduction of Season 4, they now added a new map, the Eastern Valley! Sporting little weird monks, breathtaking landscapes complete with sakura trees and waterfalls, storks,  temples, and did I mention the little weird monks that play musical instruments? Lol!

Either way, things on Pangya just got a little more interesting! So enough of this article and play with me! I'll leave you with the Eastern Valley trailer. Enjoy! :)

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