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Introducing the new buddy system for all citizens of Granado Espada! There will be two families in every secret guard inauguration. One family will receive all the EXP gained and the other family will receive a reputation reward for every level gained by the first family.

Conditions for Secret Guard

1. There are two roles in the Secret Guard feature, the client and the guard.

2. You cannot be a client if your Family Level is 10 and above.

3. You require a minimum of Family Level 9 to provide the guard service.

4. The guard’s Family Level cannot be lower then the client’s Family Level.

5. You can only maintain one Secret Guard family at any time.

6. The family ending the contract will not be able to request for the Secret Guard for 24 hours.

Effects of the Secret Guard

1. The guard and the client are required to be in a squad.

2. All EXP gained by both families will be given to the client and the guard does not receive any.

3. The guard will receive reputation points when the client reaches certain amount of EXP.

4. The guard has to be in the vicinity of the client to receive the reputation points.

5. The guard will only receive reputation points from the point of initiation. If the guard offers the service when the client is Level 40, he will not receive the reputation point rewards from Level 1 to Level 40.

6. The reputation point reward will not be given again if the character level changes due to loss of EXP through Player-Kill.

7. The total amount of reputation points that can be achieved by the guard is 2688. This is based on the scenario of assisting in leveling for 3 characters in the same client family from Level 1 to Level 100.

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