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To celebrate the successful migration to the new worlds of Bach and Rembrandt, all users who had logged in between 7 September 2008, 0000hrs (GMT+8) -7 October 2008, 0000hrs (GMT+8) will each receive a World Migration Package from Leonardo Expreso.

The World Migration Package comprises of:

a) 3 Combat Manual (1 day)

b) 3 Stance Manual ( 1 day)

c) 3 Forgotten Territory Pass (1 day)

d) 3 Ancient Territory Pass (1 day)

e) 3 Lucifer Wings (1 day)

f) 3 Devil Wings (1 day)

Kindly click 'Receipt of Premium Item' at Leonardo Expreso to claim your package before the next game service scheduled maintenance. In addition, ALL users will be entitled to have free Family Name change services between 17 Oct’08, Fri, 1200hrs (GMT+8) ~ 24 Oct’08 Fri, 1200hrs (GMT+8).

Our tech team have placed utmost importance in the data transfer of the World Migration and we are quite certain that players will not be experiencing any inconsistencies with their characters. However, if you are encountering problems with your families (Missing Characters/Items, etc) after the World Migration, do send us a ticket here.

Please note that this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and if inconsistency is found, you will be reimbursed with no charge. However, do keep in mind that players who abuse this process will be blacklisted. Submit your ticket together and explain your last action with your Character/Item so as to assist us in the investigation. We are giving a 7-days grace time for this exercise and no more requests will be accepted after 24 October 2008, 1200hrs (GMT+8). All requests after this period will have to go through the normal item restoration procedure.

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