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Get free fashion sets just by purchasing consumable premiums in the Flyff Item Mall!

Follow these three simple steps:

1. Buy any consumable premium (see table below) worth 50 pesos or more and receive a Flyff fashion coupon.
2. When you have made four fashion coupons bring this to the Fashion King [NPC] located in Saint Morning Hall.
3. Character must trade the four fashion coupons to receive the Fashion Set of the month.

4 Fashion Coupons = Primitive Set* (for October) ^_^

*pic includes Sensate and Wind hair.

And just in case you are unable to complete four purchases during the month or you buy more than four premium consumables, you can still trade your accumulated fashion coupons for the following items:

3 Fashion Coupons = Sensate Hair* (for female)
3 Fashion Coupons = Wind Hair* (for male)
2 Fashion Coupons = 1 Upcut Stone

Fashion Coupon Event will run from October 1 until December 31! So after collecting those Fashion Coupons, don't forget to go to the Fashion King [NPC] located in Saint Morning Hall and get your FREE PREMIUM FASHIONS! ^_^

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*non-tradable, but its PERMANENT

List of premiums worth 50 pesos or more with bundled fashion coupon:

Note: Fashion Set will be changed every month. You can only use the fashion coupon on the month you made the purchases.

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