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Hello CABALists! E-Games will be giving you more reasons to grind this month of October!

The Level Progression Event will allow existing and new gamers to gain special enhancement items as they reach specific target level requirements! The event will start after the scheduled Server Maintenance today, October 7th, and will end before the Scheduled Server Maintenance of November 4th.

How to Participate
1. Check your character level and target amount of level achievement before the event starts today, October 7th.
2. Achieve the required level achievement target before the event ends.
Ex) My character is Level 100 before October 7th Scheduled Server Maintenance. I need to achieve Level 115 by November 4th in order to get the Reward- Core Enhancer High x4.
3. Wait for the Event Prize to be distributed by the end of the event period.

Event Rewards Matrix

Lv. 170 Achievement REWARD:
Core Enhancer(Highest) x5 and Astral Bike – Crystal RW3 (15 days, Account Binding)

Those who reach level 170 by the end of the event period will receive the following:
Core Enhancer(Highest) x5
Astral Bike – Crystal RW3 (15 days, Account Bind)

For Newly Registered Users:
Those new users who register after the start of the event [October 7th] and reaches Lv. 40 during the event period will receive Epaulet of Discipline (7days, Account Bind).

Reach the TARGET LEVEL Progression requirements by November 4th to receive the cool event rewards! Happy Grinding Everyone!!!

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