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RF Online PH: Turncloak Schemes

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Level Up! RF Online Philippines

Event Overview:
A strange object, only seen in passing at Ether Platform in the recent “A Glacial Horizon” event, has been detected in numerous locations in Sette Desert.

The three races, determined that these objects are of dangerous, alien origin, have sought to accomplish their own plans on going about the problem.

The Bellato, believing that the object may be a source of power if used properly, have decided to preserve at least one device. Due to the time it would take to properly uproot and store the device, the Bellato have settled in keeping just one, deciding to just duplicate the item if it would be to their benefit.

The Corites, recalling the vision from DECEM of the Herodians and their downfall, have concluded that the foreign object must be destroyed without question.

The Accretians, interested in the inner workings of the strange device, have determined to study it as well. However, they see danger in the things also, and may choose to destroy the items after analysis.

Event Objectives:
1. Accretia: Make sure that [TS]TrinaryHelix is able to analyze* 6 different “Two Tower” beacons by the end of the event.
2. Bellato: Make sure that at least 1 “Two Tower” beacon is alive by the end of the event.
3. Cora: Make sure that at least 15 “Two Tower” beacons are destroyed by the end of the event.

* - Analyzing beacons will be explained in the detailed mechanics, below.

Event Mechanics:
1. A beacon called “Two Towers” will be summoned in various locations in Sette.
2. If at least 15 “Two Towers” are destroyed by the end of the event, Cora will win a racial prize.
3. If at least 1 “Two Tower” is alive by the end of the event, Bellato will win a racial prize.
4. If Accretia is able to help [TS]TrinaryHelix in “analyzing” at least 6 various “Two Tower” beacons, Accretia will win a racial prize.
a. To analyze a beacon, [TS]TrinaryHelix must be able to FULLY deploy at least one Intense Epochal Guard Tower beside a “Two Tower” beacon.
b. The “Two Tower” beacon can be destroyed after analysis, if the race wants.

Event Schedule (6 - 8 PM):
September 4, Thursday - Praxis
September 5, Friday - Xenos
September 6, Saturday - Altrax
September 7, Sunday - Nexus
September 8, Monday - Calix

Event Prize:
1. Racial Prize consists of the following items:
a. 10 Red Stones
b. 10 Inventor’s Box
c. 5 Hora Dark Hole Old Box
d. 2 Hora Battle Dungeon (level 50 - 55)

Event Awarding:
1. Please allow at least two weeks for processing and insertion of prizes.
2. Only those online during the event will be eligible to win racial prize items.

Notes: Take a screenshot of your character during the event for reference.

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  1. I've been playing RF online for 3 years and it really satisfies me... It has good graphics and gameplay....