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Good day to all!

Please do check out the new line-up of costume and premium items in the CABAL CASH SHOP.

7Day Epaulets and 1Day Costumes are now available for a limited time only. Cool Weapon Avatar Skins [RED Snow Stars] are also out in the CASH SHOP!

Start you new online adventure at NEPTUNE SERVER! Modified EXP Rates awaits the loyal CABALists of NEPTUNE SERVER.

September 2-September 9th's Server Maintenance
12:00AM ~ 4:00PM +10% EXP and + 25% Skill EXP
4:00PM ~ 12:00PM +25% EXP and +50% Skill EXP

1 Response for the "Cabal Online PH: New Items and Modified EXP!!!"

  1. F'n cool. Thanks for the post.