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To celebrate the arrival of HighStreet 5's eagerly-awaited Marriage Version, EagleGames will be giving away FREE Wedding Gift Packs to the early birds who update and play early!

From 10:00 on 16th September to 24:00 on 19th September, you will receive a free Wedding Gift Pack for every 150 minutes you spend online! Every one of you can receive a maximum of TEN Wedding Gift Packs! Could there be any better deal?

Wedding Gift Pack

Each pack includes Super MegaphoneX1, Dinosaur Egg X2, Mischievous Flying Brick X3 and Mischievous Lightning Bolt X3

1. Super Megaphone: A magical in-game item that helps broadcast your messages on all servers, fantasy 1, fantasy 2 and fantasy 3.
2. Dinosaur Egg: Dance Power up 155 points immediately.
3. Mischievous Flying Brick: When applied, it will fall straight on the head of the targeted player.
4. Mischievous Lightning Bolt: When applied, it will strike the targeted player.

Note:1. Prizes will be delivered via in-game e-mail in 3 working days after the event ends.
2. Please note that you have to exit the game following set procedures, pressing the 'Quit' button; otherwise, your accumulated in-game time may not be accurately registered by the system.

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