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Summons from the great General Wan Luan:

“Heroes and warriors, heed my call! It`s been merely a week since father had been slain and up until now, I am deeply troubled by his loss… I know there are those who remain loyal to my father, and to our clan, thus, I summon for all brave souls who wish to join me in my quest to regain the honor that my clan rightfully deserves. Once I have created an army, strong enough to join my cause, I assure you; we will take the heat of the battle to our enemies and win this war!”


The smell of incense fills the Shrine of Sunrise at the top of Lantern Mountain — mixing with the smoke of battle from a nearby town.

The young Wan Luan, reluctant heir to his father who was killed just a week ago, stood at the front of the shrine with a troubled face. In his hands, wrapped around a bundle of incense sticks, was another challenge by the strongest clan in the land; the same clan that had taken their land and his father`s life. Only this parcel of land– where he and the shrine stood — remained, and he knew that it was not too long before this land would also be taken.

He knelt on the floor, silent tears streaming down his face, as he shook the bundle of incense sticks and uttered a plea.

“Divinities help me avenge my father`s death and to reclaim the land that is ours!”

Suddenly, a booming voice answered, “Why have you summoned me, human?”

“Who are you, demon?” Wan Luan shakily answered, his grip tightening on his incense stick bundle.

“Demon? Isn`t it unwise to call me by such name? The Lady Felmaiden would have your head on a platter if she heard you.”

The beast sauntered to the front of Wan Luan, his white glow illuminating the whole shrine. Eyes of undying fire, the beast’s gaze scrutinized the young warrior as it inched closer to inspect his rank badges. Wan Luan trembled at the sight of the great creature; its hot breath penetrated even his armor.

“You seem worthy enough. Very well, I will help you — if you can build me an army composed of the strongest in the Land. Only then will I join your cause.” The beast then disappeared in the folds of the incense`s smoke, and only at his leaving did Wan Luan realize that his incense stick bundle had been reduced to a pile of ashes.


Heroes of the Perfect World!

Join in the quest to take part in a battle of epic proportions! Win the Warriors Brawl and Assembly of the War Councils event to get a chance to be part of the roster of the GM Clan in Serpent Server!

Wage territorial wars with other clans to prove your strength and mettle in the battlefield!

Warriors Brawl: Royal Rumble Event
Assembly of the War Councils: Party of 5 PK Event


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