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Level Up!: LU City 2008

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Level Up! Inc Philippines

* This contest is open to all who have their own guilds, clans, clubs and teams within any game from Level Up! (LU). LU will select groups to join and participate in the LU! City area at the Level Up! Live event to be held at the World Trade Center this October 18 and 19.
*To register, please download the application form, fill it up completely and send it along with your entry to
* Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail from Level Up! and an application number for record purposes. Kindly keep this application number.
* Submission of proposals shall be from August 11, 2008 to August 29, 2008.
* Groups who have had their proposals approved can set up their booth within the LU! City area on October 17, the day before Level Up! Live. Please wait for the official announcements and further details.
* Thematically, booths should look like famous In-game gathering places. A good example is Prontera City of Ragnarok Online or Red Dragon City of Perfect World.
* The qualified groups will have their own 2m x 2m booth in the said event provided by Level Up! for FREE!.
* Booth organizers will be given 5 official Guild Booth Exhibitor IDs to distribute amongst their group.

Qualified Groups will automatically receive

o Ragnarok Online
2 Billion Zeny (Freya, Tyr or Baldur)
1 Billion Zeny (Valhalla)
500 Million Zeny (Valkyrie)
[5] Captains Hat*
[5] Love Berry*
[5] Dragon Skull*
*can be personalized

o R.F. Online
5 stacks (99 pieces/stack) 46-49 BD keys
5 stacks (99 pieces/stack) 50-55 Hora BD keys
50m racial currency
5 stacks (99 pieces/stack) Keen, Favor, Grace, Darkness and Mercy Talics
3 stacks (99 pieces/stack) Elite Gems

o Freestyle Online
20,000 points per account max of 5 accounts
250 games Love Tattoo
Set of Choice

o Flyff
5 Madrigal Guarder Set
5 Mistake of Pet Trainer
5 Baby Pig

o Perfect World
100m Yuan
5k Lvl 5 Soul Stone
3k Immortal Stone

In-game prizes will depend on the type of booth the group will create. If the booth is RO-themed, the group will only receive the in-game items for RO and will not include the in-game prize for other games. All you have to do is to dress up the 2m x 2m booth and make your event /activities based on the proposal you submitted.

Groups must submit their proposal regarding the type of activity their booth will be offering. They are allowed to either; sell items or various merchandise (given that it matches the theme of their booth) or engage in their own events that would entertain the attendees of the festival. Actual product samples along with their selling price must be provided to Level Up! for approval.

The proposal should be sent to with all the necessary information. Downloadable application forms are available here.

Proposals should be sent to LU! on or before August 29, 2008 email.

Group leader with qualified proposals will be contacted by a representative of Level Up! through email and/or phone.

All qualified groups will receive the [5] Exhibitor’s I.D. a day before the main event.

The group representative of the booth will be the one responsible for the dissemination of prizes to their members who will participate in their booth’s activities. LU! will not be held liable if one of the group representative’s members did not receive their share of the prize.

Qualified entries must adhere to all the rules and regulations that Level Up! will be imposing on the event date including ingress and egress schedules, policies set by the event organizers and the administration of World Trade Center and the like.

Winning Conditions:

Criteria for Judging
50% - Creativity
30% - Workmanship
10% - Traffic
10% - Overall Impact
100% - Total

 The judges will determine the winner(s) for each award category based on the criteria
 A major prize winner can still win one of the special category prizes.
 Judges’ decision will be FINAL.

5. Winner List

 Winners will be announced on stage in the event.
 Prize(s)

In addition to Certificates of Participation, the winners shall also receive the following:

Major Prize:
1st Prize:
10,000 pesos in cash

Special Prizes:

Best Ragnarok Online Booth:
6,000 pesos in cash
1 Incantation Samurai Card
Per Member:
+8 Cranial Orleans’s Server (Valhalla or Valkyrie)
+9 Cranial Orleans’s Server (Freya, Tyr and Baldur)
1000 Pills
1000 Big Buns
1000 Superb Fish Slice

Best R.F. Online Booth:
2,000 pesos in cash
Per Member:
1 stack (99 pieces/stack) 46-49 BD keys
1 stack (99 pieces/stack) 50-55 Hora BD keys
20m racial currency
1 stack of each (99 pieces/stack) Keen, Favor, Sacred Fire, Restoration Talics
1 stack of each (99 pieces/stack) High Gems
1 stack of each (99 pieces/stack) Elite Gems
99 pieces Red Stone
1 Set 53 Int Armor Set (2 melee, 2 range, 2 Force/Launcher depending on the winning race)
1 pieces Type D Hora Weapon (2 range, 2 melee, 2 staff/faust depending on the winning race. Abilities of choice.)

Best Flyff Booth:
2,000 pesos in cash
Per Member
4 Lightning Card
198 Moonstones
198 Oricalkums
8 Scroll of Aprotect
8 Scroll of Sprotect(S)
2 Common Bank (30)
2 Gold Battery
4 Tickets to Azria
4 Extra Bags
4 Feedbags

Best Freestyle Online Booth:
2,000 pesos in cash
Per Member:
50,000 Points
- Limited Edition Item The Wingz
- Limited Edition New Year School Uniform ( (Short Jumper, Dunk/LayUp, Middle Jumper, 3-point Shot, Pass, Dribble, Steal, Block, Rebound)+7 - select 1 and (Jump, Running, Power)+6 - select 1)
- Limited Edition Item Gangsta Hat / Cool Gray Hempen Hood (+1 to attribute of choice)
- Set item of choice

Best Perfect World Booth:
2,000 pesos in cash
Per Member:
40m Yuan
2 Lvl 10 Soul Stone Amber/Crimson
1k Perfect Stone
1k Immortal Stone

Award Schedule:

October 20, 2008 and October 21, 2008
October 24, 2008
October 21, 2008 and October 22, 2008
October 22, 2008
October 21, 2008

Illegal Substances
1. The use of illegal substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.) by any participant is strictly prohibited;
use of said items will result in:

A. Immediate disqualification from the tournament
B. Removal from tournament grounds

General Event Guidelines

1. LU! Live is open to all Level Up! Gamers and Enthusiasts.

2. Everyone must comply with the security measures and registration procedures for the event upon entry.

3. Everyone will be subject to security checks and all bags and packages shall be subject to inspection. Non-compliance will be grounds for denial of entry into the event area.

4. The following items are not allowed inside the World Trade Center Level Up! Live Event: Bottles, Cans, Guns, Knives, Laser Pointers or Pens, Illegal Drugs, as well as items capable of producing a flame (lighter, matches, candles, firecrackers, etc.) . This rule also applies to the hotel.

5. The World Trade Center and the Organizers will not be liable / responsible for your lost or damaged property. Make sure to take proper care of your property and personal belongings at all times.

6. Observe Proper Dress Code. No slippers and sandos allowed within the event area.

7. Anyone intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be denied entry.

8. Strictly NO SMOKING inside the World Trade Center.

9. Absolutely no throwing of any item of any kind inside the LU! Live! Event. Those who are caught shall be escorted out of the event premises

10. In case of Medical Emergency, please call the attention of any of our LU! Live Marshals or proceed to the First Aid Station near the entrance. In case of Emergency, file orderly and calmly towards the Emergency Exit Gate nearest you. Follow the instructions of our marshals and ushers so that everyone may exit safely.

11. For everyone’s safety, these guidelines shall be strictly enforced. We reserve the right to refuse entry or escort violators out of the World Trade Center LU! Live Event Venue.

12. Force Majore or Acts or God are beyond the control of Level Up!, the organizers and tournament officials.


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