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Pay homage to the gods of gaming and bring honor to your name by joining the Level Up! Live 2008 Side Events! This is your chance to let your creativity shine. Choose from any of the 5 side events offered, and pray for the muses to grant you with the artist’s vision and inspiration.

National Art Competition
Create your greatest gaming masterpiece ever. Unleash your inner-artistry to bring out the form and beauty of your imagination. Whether you are skilled with watercolor or Adobe Photoshop, your artwork will still depend on how well you interpret the theme: Level Up! Live: Rise of the Gaming Gods.

Mimic great heroes or even monsters by dressing up as your favorite Level Up! game characters. You can either do a skit as a solo performer or recreate epic battle scenes as a group. Prepare to be blinded with camera flashes and accommodate photo ops, because the most awaited event of LU Live will make you an instant celebrity!

On-the-Spot Drawing Contest
Are you ready to do artwork under time-pressure? With only a few art materials on hand and the specific theme in mind, you must come up with a winning masterpiece before the time expires.

LU Live ‘08 Filmfest
Play the role of a producer, director, or star of your own movie. Featuring any Level Up! game, find out how you can capture the imagination of the audience, or even earn good reviews from critics, with your comedy, suspense, or action flicks.

LU City
Sell merchandise or sponsor exciting activities by putting up your own booth at the Level Up! Live. You can base your booth designs from familiar in-game places like Ragnarok’s Prontera or RF Online’s Crag Mines — it’s up to you on how to make it attractive enough for potential customers to flock your place. Who knows? You might even earn a little profit as well.

In the end, the gods shall greatly reward in-game items and thousands in cash prizes to whoever creates the greatest masterpiece from each of the competition. So if you think you are more than just a gamer, prove yourself worthy by joining the Level Up! Live 2008 Side Events.

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