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Please read on to understand how the new server route works.

Server route selection interface will pop up after you have chosen the server and successfully logged-in with correct log-in ID and password. The new server route is called 'Fantasy_3'. Enter the game by clicking on any one of the three routes shown below.

Each server will lead to an independent gaming environment where you can only meet players on that server. If you want to chat, you can only chat to those who are on that server. Your friends list will only show those who play on the same server. Rest assured that most of the other factors will be preserved: There will be the same dance halls, rooms and music choices; you can spend your cash points from the same account on either server, consume scores and items on the same character; the attributes of your character and other related information remain the same even when you switch servers.

The green bar shows how many players are on that specific server route; the amount of players is in proportion to the length of the green bar.

Note 1: A more crowded server means you will have a more bustling environment with many players to mingle with but this also means an environment more prone to lag; it's up to you to choose the server that suits your needs.

Note 2: Your in-game character can only log-in to HighStreet 5 on one server.

2 Response for the "HighStreet 5 Online PH: How to Use the New Server"

  1. NYoMaN says:

    Greetings fr Singapore server=)
    Regards if u see Vampire Family =P

  2. Jonas J. says:

    ahahaha! thanks nyoman! still a newbie at this game tho lol ^^