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Pangya: Hot Events this July!

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Get a load of these hot events in Albatross18 from OGPlanet!

Fourth of July Screenshot Event
Now that spring break has come, it is time to hit the beaches in your hottest swimwear! Take a screenshot with your favorite new summer items, post them on A18's MySpace page ( between June 26th and July 7th and you can win!

eCard Exchange Event
Did you get the right eCard rare but for the wrong character? For a limited time, you can trade that eCard item for the same item for your favorite character. Read all about this special event on the eCard Exchange Event page!

Crowns in the Papel Shop
Are you the King or Queen of the links? Why not let everyone else know it? Head over to the Papel Sho for your chance to win some awesome new crowns!

New Items Released
The girls got their bikinis a couple of weeks ago, so now it's the boys' turn! Stock up on swimwear, hats, beach slippers, and bandanas to beat the heat. Of course, nobody is going to complain if Hana and Cecilia picks up an extra bikini, are they? ^_~

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