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It's 1998 all over again :)

I feel like time has stopped since I last played StarCraft: Brood Wars with my friends. It is one of my most vivid memories as a gamer and definitely one of my best experience as a PC gamer. I remember spending countless hours on single player skirmishes and sleepless days playing LAN games with my friends with this epic title from Blizzard. I know fully well that StarCraft 2 has been upon us for a few months now, but the first iteration of the series is just simple and uncomplicated. You just sit, fire it up, and enjoy. Also, the lack of offline multiplayer mode from StarCraft 2 is a bit of turn off, especially here in the Philippines where a lot of people doesn't have access to broadband internet connection.

I have a pretty powerful gaming rig on my home. Heck, I can play all the latest games with all the bells and whistles notched up to high with no problem. But strangely this 12 year old game can make it freeze in the middle of a game. Weird. But upon reading on some forums, I guess this is a common bug found when playing StarCraft 1 on a Windows 7 system with multi-core processing power. Well, needless to say the solution was simple and I thank VirtualBox for that! ^__^

2 Response for the "Having Fun With StarCraft: Brood Wars!"

  1. erwinz2 says:

    just like classic songs, this is a classic game that will never die hahaha

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