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Band Master E-Games Philippines
Rock on?

Hello Bandmates!

Band Master’s Open Beta is just around the corner and everyone at X-Play is knee-deep into the preparations for this next exciting Testing phase!

We’d like to announce that you can now use your e-Games account to play in the Band Master CBT! Please make sure to download the Manual Patch if you used the old installer or installed from the DVD before playing.

Please do take note of the following:

* Existing CBT Accounts will be wiped out. Even your characters will be wiped out as well.

* Access to servers will opened to the public and you will be able to use your own e-Games Accounts. If you don’t have an e-Games Account you may register at

* We are still in CBT Phase but the CBT Servers will now be opened to everyone.

* Game Content will still be the same. We’ll be having additional new content in OBT.

The game looks pretty cool considering it is a new concept for PC Gaming. I will definitely download this game to try it out. Meanwhile watch the video game trailer below. :)

Please stay posted for more updates!

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