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Well somebody sure had been busy...

Things have been heating up at Microsoft's booth at this year's E3. After announcing not one but two new gears for the gaming world, people are really surprised about it. First and foremost is Microsoft's Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal. Well frankly, this has been the worst-kept secret gadget on Microsoft's side. It even makes me wonder if Microsoft used Kinect as a diversion to keep the press at about their new 360 console. Hmm... anyway, Kinect introduces a new way for gamers to play their favorite games: no controllers. Your whole body becomes your controller, and frankly speaking it opens up a lot of possibilities and may even revolutionize how people play games or interact online.

Next up on Microsoft's new gear is the revamped XBox 360! Now this is NEW and nobody saw it coming. Well probably. The press has been speculating about it but there's no real confirmation until now. The console sports a new sleek (a.k.a slimmer) design and a glossy black finish. It really is a beauty to behold. This should have how the 360 looked in the first place. :)

It also has 250Gb of storage, built-in WiFi, and runs in "whisper quiet" mode. The storage is nothing new. WiFi should have been there on the first place rather than buying a separate accessory so this is a welcome development. And then there's the "whisper quiet" mode. Its a hard feat to achieve a noiseless device when all the electronics are stuffed in a cramped space. I guess we'll hear more when reviews of the console comes in.

To conclude, Microsoft sure had been busy and came prepared for E3 2010. I'm excited to know how these devices perform on the upcoming reviews. Cheers!

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