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How to Install Season 3:

Step 1

Get the DVD Installer by attending the DIGMAAN Regionals/ GC Events.

You can download the Season 3 Client as well at The Season 3 Client has been separated into smaller files for your convenience.

Step 2
For Grand Chasers that downloaded the files in parts, make sure ALL of the files are in the same folder as the *.EXE file. Click the file “GCPH Season 3 Install Only on June 1.exe” so ALL of the files will combine.

Step 3
You can now install Grand Chase Season 3.

For Windows 7 and Vista OS users, it is important that you Right click then select Run as administrator before running the *.EXE file.

Step 4
You will see the Level Up! EULA (End User Licensing Agreement), which you must accept in order to install the Grand Chase client. Left-click the box “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” in order to continue the installation of the game client, then click Next.

Step 5
By default, the Installation Folder is listed at C:Program FilesLevel Up GamesGrand Chase

Please click Browse to change the installation folders and do not install Grand Chase under Window's Program Files.

Your Season 3 Client will not run if it is installed under Window's Program Files After changing the Installation Folder, press Next.

Do not install Season 3 under Window's Program Files as your client will encounter errors, please install the game client in a separate folder and/or drive (e.g. D:Level Up GamesGrand Chase).

Step 6
Select install and wait for complete installation. The program will automatically put a shortcut to the game client on your desktop.

Step 7
To avoid a very long patching time, it is recommended to download the Season 3 Manual Patch at

Step 8
There are 2 kinds of Season 3 Manual Patch. Choose only 1:

If you have the DVD Installer or downloaded the Season 3 Client from May 14 to May 31, download this file
Manual _Patch

If you have the Season 2 Client (do not have the DVD installer / did not download the Season 3 Client), download this file to update your client to Season 3

Step 9
Open the Manual Patch file and Choose Run

Step 10
Extract the Manual Patch to your Season 3 Folder.

For example:
GM Mac's Season 3 is installed at D:Level Up GamesGrandChase

Step 11
Click Extract and Yes to All to overwrite your Season 3 files.

Step 12
Congratulations! You can now experience the most epic update ever: Season 3!

For more details and information regarding Manual Patches, you can check out
Yrreoraent's GC Manual Patch Thread.

Props and credits to Grand Chaser Yrreoraent!

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