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Ragnarok Online Philippines Brasilis
A new episode once again...

Ragnarok... how long has it been? It's been so long that this game has been a part of a gamer's life. It spun generations of gamers. It truly is a die-hard MMORPG here in the Philippines. My cousin started playing this game since his highschool days. And now that he's about to graduate from college, he's still an active player. Joining siege missions and participating in tournaments. It's players like him that RO has survived this long. And now, Level-Up Games has released yet another episode for this undying game... Brasilis. Here's how LU describes it:

The tropical island of Brasilis is brimming with flora and fauna that’s larger than life, with plants and trees that grow faster and stronger than anywhere else in the world. Botanists and tourists from all over Rune Midgard travel here to marvel at its natural wonders…but behind its exotic beauty lies a dangerous secret.

Legend tells of a mermaid that lives deep inside the forest, in Brasilis’ great waterfalls. It is said that male citizens unfortunate enough to wander the waterfalls were never seen again. Is there any truth to the stories? It’s time for brave adventurers to step up and uncover the mysteries of the deep forest once and for all!

Plunge into Basilis, Ragnarok Online’s latest patch. Discover new monsters, exciting new quests and much more.

Get in touch with nature now!

So that's it! RO players can look forward to a new and exciting episode for their favorite MMO! May 19 is just a few sleeps away. I know at least one person who won't be sleeping well the next few nights. :)

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