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MLB 2K10
Now who said playing video games won't make you rich.

2K Games announced a contest with the release of Major League Baseball: 2K10. Anyone who gets to pitch a perfect game can claim the $1M prize. 2K Games must have thought that it would be nearly impossible for someone to be able to do that. Guess what, they were wrong. Mr. Wade McGilberry proved it can be done. Here's a snippet from Tom's Hardware's article:

The 401K record keeper got home at four in the afternoon and logged into his Xbox Live account, a necessary step to record the time of his perfect game. Another requirement was video verification so Wade set up his webcam in front of his television.
After five failed attempts, Mr. McGilberry was probably getting used to hitting the reset button. Then, on his sixth attempt, and in less than 90 minutes, Wade pitched a perfect game. He submitted the tape to 2K Games and called his wife and told her, "Honey, I'm done. I don't need to play anymore."
His wife was skeptical, positive that a college kid who hadn't had to go to work or class that day would have beaten him to the prize money. But no one had. 2K Games had to write a check for $1,000,000 less than 24 hours after the game went on sale.

Good thing 2K Games was a good sport about it, saying it was worth it and that the game sold better than last year's title. Kudos to you, Wade! Enjoy the prize! :)

3 Response for the "Man Gets $1M for Playing MLB 2K10"

  1. Silver says:

    is this true??? OMG!!!!

  2. Tina says:

    no way thats crazy isnt it and crazy money!!

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  3. Jonas J. says:


    yea its true. amazing isnt it?


    yea i bet his wife would be surprised too :)