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An early Christmas for this girl. :)

An 11-year old girl, Helen, from Australia got a free Nintendo DS after writing a letter to the company. Apparently, her class was assigned a project to write a letter to their chosen company. And as luck would have it, Nintendo responded favorably by replying to the letter with a new DS unit. Here's an excerpt from

NINTENDO Australia fears it could be swamped by requests for freebies after a cute story of goodwill went viral on the internet.
11-year-old Victorian schoolgirl Helen last month wrote to the company as part of her Year 6 class project.
"The reason I'm writting (sic) to your company is because at school we are learning how to write letters to companies," Helen wrote.
"We have 25 students in our class and we have 25 companies. I chose your company because I'm a big fan of yours."
"I also have a request to make. My request is quite big. I would like a DS please for those many reasons," Helen wrote.
Nintendo obliged and sent a new DS to Helen's school along with a letter of reply to the young girl.
"Thank you for your letter — we were very impressed. I really hope you and your classmates enjoy playing the DS," wrote a Nintendo staff member.

But beware those who will copy this under the pretense of a school "project". Nintendo verifies ALL requests. For a big company to do this, kudos to Nintendo! I hope Helen enjoys playing the DS and sharing it with friends. :)

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2 Response for the "Girl Writes to Nintendo; Gets Free DS!"

  1. Mylene says:

    Hooray for Nintendo. I admire them for giving attention to this "petty" requests.

  2. Jonas J. says:

    Yep that's one lucky girl! And kudos to Nintendo :)