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Gran Turismo 5 "Nights" Trailer

Posted by Admin On 12:59 PM 3 comments

Gran Turismo 5 Nights Trailer
OMG! My most awaited racing game for the PS3! I'm dying with excitement to get a copy of this game! And to make it worse, Sony released this uber-cool new trailer O.o

Note that a part of the trailer featured a damage system. Would this be implemented in-game? All these questions... scarce answers. The video looks great though. Enjoy guys! Click below to watch.

3 Response for the "Gran Turismo 5 "Nights" Trailer"

  1. fetus says:

    ooh lala. i hope my pc supports this. hehe.

  2. Jonas J. says:

    im sorry if this comes as a shocker dude, GT5 is a PS3 exlusive o.O

  3. fetus says:

    oh no!!! :(