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JamLegend: A New Way to Jam

Posted by Admin On 11:19 PM 4 comments

'Nuff said

We've heard and seen rhythm-based games on consoles (Guitar Hero series) and on the PC platform (O2Jam). The former being expensive due to the fact you have to buy the system AND the game accessory to play the game. The latter example isn't really convenient either, having to download the full client and then the associated patches. Bummer, right? Well here comes JamLegend to the rescue. All you will need is an internet connection, your favorite browser, and your handy keyboard. Then get ready to JAM.

Players of GH and O2Jam will feel right at home because its in the same concept. Learning curve depends on the player but most new gamers will get a hang of it after playing a few songs. Still, the team at Foo Brew, Inc. included a tutorial mode and a mini-tutorial before every song.

There's a tap mode and a strum mode. Tap mode is just simple tapping to the beat with the designated keys (O2Jam style). Strum mode is where you have to press a key to "strum" just like a guitar (Guitar Hero style). JL encourages players on Strum Mode to flip their keyboards and strum with the Enter key just like you would with a guitar. You earn experience points after every song, gain ladder points, and "groupies" with every completed objectives or goals.

JL is also a community being able to connect with friends and play with them on duels (one-on-one) or showdowns (multiple players). In a duel you play a song and record a score. The person you dueled then gets a chance to beat your score. They can play whenever they want or decline the duel. This is great if you want to play with friends that has conflicting schedules. Showdowns let many people play the same song at the same time and compete in real-time.

Here's a screenshot of completed and ongoing duels at my account :P.

After registering one week ago, I just can't stop playing. It's that addicting. Recommended to players 5years old and above. LOL. Anyway click here to start playing it! See ya guys! ^_^

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