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Locate the Turncoat Officer leading the massive Turncoat raids in the settlements.

The turncoats have decided to launch an offensive against the 3 races, and the raids are being lead by an officer of one of the Turncoat factions. Many units of the 3 races have already been slaughtered in Elan, and Sette, and they have decided to bring the battle to the settlements.

All intelligence attempts seem to have failed, which means that the faction and mastermind of these raids have yet to be caught and brought to justice.

Event Mechanics:

1. Turncoat mob groups will randomly appear at the racial maps from 4pm to 8pm throughout the duration of the event:

Armory 117 (5) and Armory 213 (10)

Anacaade (5) and Solus (10)

Numerus (5) and Haram (10)

2. Mobs will continue to appear until the Turncoat officer responsible for the raids is found, or until the event ends.

3. During the week, a Turncoat officer can be found CLOAKED in the middle of any of the mob groups at any time during the event.

4. The only way to indicate that you have seen the Turncoat officer is if you took a screenshot of him.

5. Killing the mobs will give experience and is optional.

6. Killing the turncoat officer is optional and dangerous.

7. The turncoat officer will try to escape by any means once found.

Event Schedule (Turncoat Officer Appearance):

October 7, Tuesday: Calix

October 8, Wednesday: Xenos

October 9, Thursday: Praxis

October 10, Friday: Nexus

October 11, Saturday: Altrax


First 5 players per race to post the screenshot on the boards:

20 favor talics

20 HG sets

20 Chaos pots.

Killing turncoat Officer:
- +3 1 Intense Armor Set of choice (capped to level 50)
- 50 Red Stones