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Only available in the Special Promo NPC:

White Lady Card (MVP)
Increases the effect of the Heal, Sanctuary, and Potion Pitcher skills by 30% when they are cast by the wearer, but also increases SP Consumption by 15%.
Compound on: Head Gear
10,000 Rok Points (P500)

Doppelganger Card (MVP)
Enable to Fast-Attack all the time.
Compound on: Weapon
7,000 Rok Points (P350)

Pharoah Card (MVP)
Reduce SP consumption by 30 % when using skills.
7,000 Rok Points (P350)

Amon Ra Card (MVP)
All Stat +1.
Add the chance of casting level 10 Kyrie Eleison around the user when reciving Physical Damage.
The chance of casting the skill is increased if the user has 99 INT points.

Dark Snake Lord (MVP)
Never be affected by Chaos and Curse effect.
INT +3.
10,000 Rok Points (P500)

Baphomet Card (MVP)
Weapon does Area of Effect damage 3×3 cells around the owner when attacking.
Hit -10
10000 Rok Points (P500)

Eddga Card (MVP)
Enable Endure all the time.
Maximum HP -25 %
7000 Rok Points (P350)

Grab this very last chance to own these boss cards! This special promo is until October 15 only!

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