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The Legend of Holy-Moon Valley
The theological war between the gods caused a great cataclysm in the old world. In order to make amends and to find a new home for the people who suffered, the gods set aside their differences and created the new world between the human world and the heavens; the Perfect World.

With the cataclysm came a sharp decline in faith, and the gods were unable to retain their power. In order to regain their worshippers, the gods gathered in a secluded location a gathering they dubbed The Accord of Enlightenment

Before they began the accord, each deity chose a mortal to serve as their avatar . These chosen ones known as the Divine Children were given the task to spread the word on behalf of their patron.

While the legends of the Divine Ones were widespread, no one has actually seen them in person.

The Perfect World has undergone profound changes in the last 10,000 years. The Humans, Wingkin and Beastkin have united to fight against common enemies. The Soulless - who have cast a dark shadow over the Perfect World. The passage of the Accord of Enlightenment went unnoticed during the turmoil, and the Divine Children vanished from memory.

The ancient histories credited the Divine Children with eternal life. They spent the long years in the Four Secret Lands, preparing for the return of the gods.

Thus, when the Soulless invaded, the mortal races have long forgotten the existence of the Divine Children, and faced the Soulless bereft of their help.

The Shattering of the Peace
One day, a mysterious man claiming to be one of the Divine Children appeared. He let it be known that the Accord of Enlightenment was nearing its completion, but a mysterious power has invaded the Secret Lands.

An ancient curse was levied during the creation of the Perfect World. With the decline of faith in the gods, so were the powers of the Divine Children reduced. The return of the gods has been placed in great peril.

The Divine Children are at a loss to find the source of this mysterious power. However, it is quite apparent that whoever is behind this power wants to prevent the return of the gods.

Should the Divine Children fail to return the gods to the Perfect World; the mortal races will face the impending threat alone, bereft of help.

And thus, the Divine Children place their hopes on the heroes of the Perfect World. With the unity of Divine guidance and Mortal ingenuity, the ancient curse may be broken.

The mysterious man has opened the pathway to one of the four Secret Lands, the fabled Holy-Moon Valley . Heroes have begun their journey to this land of legend, to discover the dangers that lurk within.

The Path of Comrades
Wan Luan's Log, 17 th day of the 9 th moon, year of the Rat.

I finally tracked down the source of those rumors about the Divine Children. All of them pointed to Arrow Villa to the south. A poet named Dugukhofsky (426, 457) actually saw the Divine Child and knows the secret path into Holy-Moon.

He also wanted us to collect some detritus from the creatures there. A mercantile interest in a fabled legend, to be sure, yet he agreed to give us the knowledge of the deeper paths in exchange for the work.

(The quest Infiltrate Holy-Moon requires you to kill 5 Witch Figwords in Witch-Moon Valley and 10 Mysterious Ruins in Mysterious-Moon Valley . The quest is available at level 85 or higher and must be completed in Party Mode.)

It is a tedious flight up to Buddha City , the entry point into Holy-Moon Valley . However, the Divine Child who appeared to the people left a transit point in the hands of Flying Sky (427, 457). She was instructed to transport all interested parties to the Divine Child, known as the Yinggan Immortal.
Buddha City

The Guardian of Holy-Moon welcomed me at the entrance, but she was adamant that I should have companions beside me as I explore the Valley. The mysterious power that plagues Holy-Moon Valley has also placed dangers on the pathways, she said, and no one should face them alone.

(By default, the Holy-Moon Guardian only has the Party Mode option enabled. A party of at least two members is required to access the option, and the Party Leader has to begin the quest. Characters who complete Dugukhofsky's quest will be able to access the Solo Mode option.)

Thus I called on the Golden Princess Lady Xiang and her Golden Legion to assist me. With an experienced unit of soldiers beside me, the Guardian obligingly stepped aside and allowed us entry.

Witch-Moon Valley

The energies around the Valley have shaped the placid waters into a terrible creature. However, as a creature of Water, the monster retains its properties and can be defeated with the proper measures.

Mysterious-Moon Valley

The initial progress was fairly solid, but we ran into an unexpected problem. A secretive rat monster has corrupted the people of the Valley and turned them into ravening savages. Bai Douweng of the South Palace knows of a way to lure it out, but the list of materials we needed to collect was rather extensive.

By this time, however, we had already completed Dugukhofsky's request and had knowledge of the other paths into Holy-Moon. Hearing the materials needed, the Princess ordered her legion to split into groups and enter the secret passages in search of the materials. Lady Xiang entered one passage herself and returned with most of the required materials.

(The Nangong Bai Douweng's quest requires one character to complete the list of materials in order to open the way to the Rat Demon. The material list consists of the following:

10 Blue Soul-Binding Stone
10 Red Soul-Binding Stone
10 Green Soul-Binding Stone
10 White Soul-Binding Stone
10 Transparent Soul-Binding Stone
5 Natural Essence

The Soul-Binding Stones can be found on monsters all over Moon Valley , thus it may be more efficient to split up into smaller parties and enter Solo Mode to collect the materials before proceeding in Party Mode.

Natural Essence can be crafted at the Epherma Forge using 5 Lumber Essence , 5 Damascus Steel , 5 Emery and 5 Refined Coke.

All of these items can be traded, so a party can collect the items individually and then give them to the party leader to unlock the quest with)

While the Golden Legion was gathering the Soul-Binding Stones, I went back to Arrow Villa to collect the materials needed to craft Natural Essence. A gentleman named Wang Xiaokuai (428, 456) approached me and begged me to talk some sense into his brother.

It seems that his brother Wang Dali has run away from home to become the Lord of Mysterious-Moon Valley. While I admire the young man's independence and vision, turning a nation into an autocratic police state is not the way to go about improving the world. It seems that I will have to talk some sense into him the only way he understands.

Heart-Demon Rat

With Bai Douweng's trap set, we lured out the Heart-Demon Rat and put an end to its schemes. Now, to have a talk with the Lord of Mysterious-Moon Valley.

Wang Dali

Deep down, Wang Dali is a sensitive and insecure kid who just needs acknowledgement and approval. However, the point is fairly academic when he is trying to knock your head around three ways to next week. As his brother Wang Xiaokuai said, the best way to get him to see sense is to beat it into him.

Dark-Moon Valley

Dark Vessel
The serene story garden has been twisted into a dark caricature of a forest, complete with carnivorous plant life. The Dark Vessel was once the Lady of the Garden, before being turned to evil. However, being a creature of the Wood, she can still be dealt with appropriately.

Deep-Moon Valley
Ancient Destroyer
Deeper into the Valley, the features of the land began to become more ominous, and its guardians rise from the earth itself in opposition of invaders. In the deepest place of the Valley is the Ancient Destroyer, a representation of the evil that tore the old world apart. It commands the earth of its domain, creating minions to attack interlopers. It has limitless resources and can continue to throw armies against attackers. Still, it is a creature of the Earth, with all inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Fixed-Moon Valley

Entry into Fixed-Moon Valley brought with it a reception committee. It was fortunate that we arrived together, or the ambush would have overwhelmed us before we could rally our forces. The commander of this place has trained his troops in strategy and tactics, and the sound of metal striking metal filled the air.

(There are three mobs close to the spawn point of Fixed-Moon. The party should arrive in sequence, with the tanks spawning before the casters, or the mobs will pick off the party one by one)

Murderous Trooper
An embodiment of the War of the Thousand Years, this psychopathic killer uses its Metal claws to strike hard, and strike fast. A cunning tactician, the Murderous Trooper shifts its method of attack, trying to catch the enemy off guard.

True-Moon Valley

Ghost Child
In the penultimate destination, the Ghost Child barred our path. The unborn essence merged with Pan Gu's will at the creation of the Perfect World given form. It was not the true mastermind of the plan to cut off the gods, but was still a very powerful enemy. The end of the road is close, and with it, the true source of the mysterious power.

Holy-Moon Valley

Defiler Pit Lord
Finally, the source of the mysterious power is revealed. This ancient evil (that makes the third Ancient Evil that has been lurking in the history of the Perfect World, but who's counting?) plans to sever the ties between the gods and the mortals of the land, allowing the powerful Soulless to destroy at will. We cannot allow it to succeed!

And so I walk down the Valley in the shadow of Death, and prepare for battle.

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