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By Alexander Villafania

MANILA, Philippines — In an effort to extend its support for its players beyond games, online gaming publisher Level Up! has activated its Level Up! Music portal that will showcase all of the music albums that the company has launched.

It will also feature home-made music videos of gamers.

Level-Up! Music Portal Producer Sansan De Leon said the site is a teaser to the launch of their music album this year. They have launched at least two albums and a third is expected to be introduced soon.

She said there are about seven videos in the portal already.

“All of the songs in the album are inspired by Level Up! games. Music has always been a part of the games. We try to incorporate some components in the music such as video,” De Leon said.

For the Level Up! Music portal, the main music video feature is Kevin Roy, lead vocalist of the rock band Razorback. Roy is an online gamer and his song is about his experiences with the much-hated Internet lag problem. To this, Roy uses the term “Ampfufu,” a play on a more derogatory cuss, as his title for the song.

Level Up! Multimedia Head Joey Alarilla said many musicians have become part of Level Up! gaming community that eventually contribute material to the company, especially during their gaming events.

Alarilla said other gamers have also been submitting videos to them, which they can distribute to other gamers as well.

“It’s really about showcasing the talent of the players in the community. It’s them who are keeping the community alive,” he said.

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