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From October 17th (4:00pm) to October 28th (5:00pm), 2008, EagleGame will run a limited promotion for players who have never topped-up before. If, you haven't topped up for your account before, they have a one-time special deal for you! You will receive an EXTRA 100 Cash Points plus 15 Fallen Feathers if you top-up with PHP50 prepaid cards! That means you only need to spend PHP50 for a total of 300 Cash Points plus 15 Fallen Feathers!

This is a limited one-time offer for accounts that have never topped up before! Enjoy your bonus cash points, go collect 10 more feathers and the gorgeous White Angel Wings will be yours!


Fallen Feather: You can trade in for a pair of white Angel Wings when you have collected 25 Fallen Feathers. The system will automatically send you the 30-day white Angel Wings via in-game mail. There are also other ways to get Fallen Feathers:

1. Go online during 20:00 -24:00 and you will receive 5 'Jumbo Treasure Boxes' for FREE; you may get Fallen Feathers from the Treasure Box.
2. Join the system event 'Battle Arena' to win Fallen Feathers

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