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e-Games is implementing a new Policy against the use of bots and 3rd Party Programs. This is to ensure that CABAL remains a vibrant and dynamic virtual world with real people playing the game. This program is for players who have their accounts frozen due to violations of the CABAL anti-bot/hack policies.

e-Games does not intend to legalize the use of bots. Despite efforts to educate players why botting is illegal, people will still find ways to create and use these programs for CABAL.

The penalty system is designed to penalize players for the use of bot/hack programs. It is also designed to give offenders a chance to redeem themselves and do the right thing which is to play without using bots.

Please find the new bot/hack penalty and fine release table effective September 30, 2008.

Players must validate their mobile phone before they can avail of the Bot/Hack Penalty and Release service. Please be reminded that the system will automatically deduct the FINES from your e-Games Account. Rest assured that all those accused of violating the anti-bot/hack policies will be investigated. If found guilty, the accounts will be frozen until the player opts to pay the penalty or fines.

Should the blocked user have insufficient EP Balance to pay the penalty, the user can just TOP-UP the EP Amount required to pay the penalty or wait for the duration of the Penalty to expire.

First time offenders may either wait for the 30-day ban to end to have their account released or pay the fine of 20EP.

Second time offenders who are caught will be banned for 90 days. Or you could pay the hefty fee of 150EP to release your account.

Third and fourth time offenders will be banned permanently. Or you can chose to pay the 500EP and the 1000EP fines respectively to release your accounts.

Offenders who are caught the fifth time will be banned permanently from playing CABAL. No amount of EPs will get your character released.

Gamers can locate the PENALTY PAYMENT Pages in the Account Management Section/WELCOME Page of the e-Games Portal after they log-in. Please be guided accordingly and help maintain CABAL bot-free!

4 Response for the "Cabal Online PH: New BOT/HACK Policy!"

  1. toguints says: wag magbot kung walang pera? ganun ba? or the other way around...mag bot ka kung may pera ka, tutal pedi naman bayaran ang egames d ba?

    you guys dont get it. the reason players bot is not because they are starving poor, it's because they don't want to spend the time ranking up. the obvious solution/s are not the ones being implemented. and how you plan to "punish" botters just shows where your heart is.

  2. Jonas J. says:

    " wag magbot kung walang pera? ganun ba? or the other way around...mag bot ka kung may pera ka, tutal pedi naman bayaran ang egames d ba?"

    Well this is the wrong reason for bashing the new policy. Since the policy states that you can only pay until the 4th penalty, so being rich won't guarantee the use of bots.

    "you guys dont get it. the reason players bot is not because they are starving poor, it's because they don't want to spend the time ranking up."

    Ranking up in an mmorpg is its very essence! if you take that away, its not Cabal Online anymore! My personal opinion is that I like the way e-Games is putting effort into ensuring that all players play fair and all players are given equal access to the servers. If they allowed bots to proliferate, do you think all players can access the servers at all times? Now I can play anytime of the day without waiting for 30-45mins due to server congestion!

    Well anyway we are given the right for our own personal opinions. ^__^

  3. toguints says:

    1. What does a policy other than an outright ban for botters imply? Is 50/100/500/1000 ep enough license for a cheater to play with honest players, and even diss them for being "weak" because they are already hi-level dual trans after less than two weeks? And if I am a user of CABALRIDER, good luck to E-Games if you can squeeze a single ep from me, when I can easily create 50 bot chars and play a game of russian roulette with them. You still think it's a good policy, and one bound to deter botters?

    2. Your point that ranking up is the essence of cabal is a given. What I want to point out is that one intent on botting would not be deterred by these fines, for reasons I stated above. Sasabihin nyo, bakit ka maglaro ng cabal eh ayaw mo naman pala maggrind. Yun na nga ang saya eh! Maging hilevel ka while having your 8 hours of rest per night while you pawn the rest of the red-eyed community. D ba ang saya? So ano ang solusyon? Fine? It smacks of greed and stupidity in my opinion.

    I hinted at solutions in my previous post, but I will make my ideas plain this time around, for the sake of better gaming. The solution is simple: have a system where it is easy to report within the game a discovered bot. And get immediate feedback for it. This entail an active, round the clock GM THAT IS PRESENT IN-GAME! Which means CABAL PH should have more than the number of GMs that it has right now, and of such kind that would move more than just their butts. E-Games owe it to the players, especially the EP users, who, if the rumor mill is right, helped E-Games recover its costs for the rights to CABAL Ph within the FIRST MONTH!

    But like you said, its one's personal opinion. And I guess my personal decision as well to quit after more than a month. I don't need this game to insult me, by having me play honestly side by side a botter that doesn't get his dues.

    btw, the servers are "full" not because of the botter, IMO. It's a marketing strategy called "skimming". "Fill" up the free servers, to make it easy for some to part with their money. Then slowly open it up to beef up the community, while slowly offering price offs and discounts to get the second layer of spenders.

  4. erwinz2 says:

    I agree that bots ruin the fun of a game. And what e-games is doing by implementing this new policy clearly states that they want to earn a little while giving those botters a chance to play fairly. Although i dont agree in giving them more than a second chance, i guess this is a better than letting more than 50 percent of the players use 3rd party programs to get their advantage in the game.
    I guess e-games cant help it, they need to earn as well. Many of those bot users purchase premium services, so if they ban them = less earnings. Maybe that's whats stopping them to completely ban ALL bot users in this game.
    As long as they dont bother me i will play this game as much as i like.