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Audition PH: 6 New Items!

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That’s right Audistas! In the next patch, Club (FAM) Channel Function, FAM Name Change Item, Nick Name Color Pen Item, Replay Transfer Function, Hidden Level Item, and Chance Selection Function will be available!

Now you can earn Club (FAM) points by creating a room and inviting your friends to dance in you club’s Club (FAM) channel! After the patch, ask your Club (FAM) Leader to purchase a Club (FAM) channel. Once your club has acquired a channel, create a room and invite at least two (2) Audistas to party with you to earn Club (FAM) points. You will get 1 Club (FAM) point for every person dancing in your room, including you, the DJ. You can use Club (FAM) points to purchase exclusive items to enhance your Audition experience.

That’s not all; Club (FAM) Leaders can now change your club’s name by using the Club (FAM) Name Change Item! So if you have a better club name idea, now is the time to tell your club leader about it!

Want to stand out? Make your friends notice you the moment you enter your comment! Use Nick Name Color Pen Item to change the color of your in-game name when chatting with other Audistas! You can also choose to hide your level to everyone by using the Hidden Level Item and increase the air of mystery around you. Nick Name Color Pen Item and Hidden Level Item will be available in the Item Mall after the October 8, 2008 patch.

The new patch also has a nifty record gameplay feature that you can use to learn your room mate’s techniques! How does it work? After the session, in the Game Result page, click the video camera icon after the name of the player that you want to record. Then, in the Dancing Hall, click the Replay button to view your saved replay. Isn’t that great? You can view your recorded video over and over! One replay of one person per game can be saved.

Finally, if you want to add more challenge to your game, activate Chance Selection before you get ready. This system will allow you to choose from different levels of Chance difficulty. If you’re the room master, you can choose to apply the Chance mode that you selected to everyone in the room.

With all these new features and items, you can dance and party all you want, your own style! Watch out for their official release on October 8, 2008.

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