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1. All RF players with at least level 30 characters in their account can join.
2. Players must top-up through their My LU account or direct top-up
3. Convert at least Php50 into Galactic Credits or Premium Subscription. Each top up has an equivalent number of raffle entries.

4. If this is your FIRST TIME EVER that you top-up for RF Online, you get DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF RAFFLE ENTRIES that you topped-up. However, succeeding top-ups will give you the default number of raffle entries.
Ex. If you topped-up Php100, you’ll get 10 raffle entries. If you topped-up again with Php100, you’ll get 5 raffle entries.
5. Players can track their points through
6. Promo Period is from September 3, 2008 to November 2, 2008.
7. Raffle draw is on November 3, 2008 at the Level Up! Office, 6:00 PM.
8. Prizes:
a. Major Prizes
i. 2 winners of Intel Quad core processor desktop PC
ii. 2 winners of Apple iPod Touch
iii. 2 winners of Nintendo DS
b. Consolation Prize
i. 10 winners of Php500 LU! Top-up card
9. A Participant can only win once. If a name is drawn more than once, he gets the higher prize.
10. Prizes are non transferable and not convertible to cash.
11. Winners shall be notified through the RF Online website, message board, In-game announcements and through the contact information based on the winners’ My LU account and registered mail.
12. Winners who are using direct top-up will be notified through their level 30+ characters using in-game mail and registered mail.
13. Winners can claim their prizes at the Level Up! Inc. office (11th Floor Pacific Star Bdlg., Makati Ave., cor. Sen. G. Puyat Ave., Makati City)
14. Prizes can be claimed by presenting their valid ID and a print out of verification email from Level Up!
15. Redemption period is within sixty (60) days from receipt of notification.
16. Employees of Level Up! including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.

Per DTI-NCR permit no. 4386 series of 2008

Are raffle entries transferable to other accounts?
No. Raffle entries aren’t transferrable and will be counted only to the account where the top-up has been made.

Can we still earn raffle entries even If we don’t have at least level 30 characters? We’ll only level the character before the end of promo.
No. Raffle entries will count only when there’s an existing level 30 in that account.

Can we still get raffle entries even if we top-up through direct top-up?
Yes. Accounts that are will be topped-up through direct top-up will still earn raffle entries.

For accounts that topped-up for the first time, does that mean we’ll get double number of entries everytime we top-up?
No. Entries will be doubled only on the first top-up.

What are the PC specs?
19” Monitor
Gigabyte Tower Case
9600 Video card
320 G Hard Drive
2 Gig RAM
Quad Core Processor

How will LU! contact the winners?
Winners will be contacted based on their contact information in their My LU! profile – mobile and email. Just to be sure, please update and secure your contact details in you’re my LU! profile especially your contact number.

I can’t update my profile because I forgot my secret answer/registered email.
Please file a ticket at

What If the account doesn’t have a My LU?
We will notify all the account’s level 30+ character through in game mail. We will include instructions and you will be asked to send it to and WE WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD OR GO TO A CERTAIN WEBSITE WHERE YOU NEED TO PUT IN YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS.

What if the winner lives in provincial area?
We will contact the winner for details in claiming his/her prize.

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