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The new Royal Family is wondering…

Which guild among the many has the best siege tactics and strategies?

They wish to find the most tactical and organized guild—guilds that can manage their forces well, by either spreading them across the battlefield, or by being organized in quickly occupying agits.

They will hold a contest for all guilds. The most elite guild will be rewarded handsomely for a show of brains and brawn!

All Guilds, All Servers

Event Schedule:
Sept 13 (Saturday – F2P P2P)
Sept 15 (Monday – F2P)
Sept 16 (Tuesday – P2P)
Sept 17 (Wednesday – F2P)
Sept 18 (Thursday – P2P)
Sept 20 (Saturday – F2P P2P)

Mechanics & How to win:
1) Guilds holding the most number of agits at the end of siege will win the event.
2) Only guilds that occupy the required amount of agits will qualify for the event. If no guild qualifies for the event, then no one can win.
3) In case of a tie, only the non-upgraded prizes and loot will be awarded. They will be evenly distributed, rounded down, among the guilds who tied for first place. The over upgraded items will not be awarded in this case.
4) Bonus awards will be given to those who occupy at least half of the total number of agits for the siege day.
5) Refer to this table for the required amount of agits to qualify and for the required amount of agits for the bonus award:

Level Up! Ragnarok Online Philippines Royal Battleground Siege Event Agits

· P2P
1 +8 Flying Angel Wing (P2P)
20 Poring Cake Hats
8000 Witched Starsand
3500 Stems
3500 Poison Spore
1500 Fabrics

· F2P
1 +7 Flying Angel Wing (F2P)
20 Poring Cake Hats
2000 Witched Starsand
1000 Stems
1000 Poison Spore
800 Fabrics

Bonus Awards:

· P2P
1 +9 Feather Beret
1 +7 Baphomet Horns
1 +6 Orleans Gown [1]
5 +5 Feather Beret

· F2P
1 +9 Pole Axe [1]
1 +8 Feather Beret
1 +6 Baphomet Horns
5 +0 Feather Beret

Awarding Process:
1) GMs will tally agit ownership after each siege day before an announcement of winners will be made.
2) Winners across all servers will be announced in the Ragnaboards at most 2 days after the siege event.
3) Once winners are announced, the award will be inserted in the Guildmaster’s account in the next maintenance. Please allow 2 weeks for insertion of the items (Sept 17 & 24, 2008).
4) If a guild wins the bonus prizes, the Guildmaster must submit the list of Character Names of those who will receive the bonus prizes. If Guildmaster does not submit a list within 3 days, the bonus prizes are forfeited. Even if the Guildmaster is to be the recipient, he or she must submit a list to the GMs, to
5) The Guildmaster must follow this format for the list for bonus prizes.

Guild Name:
Guild Master:
Guild Mate’s Character Name – Prize

Guild Name: Patriarchs
Guild Master: Sakray

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