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Tired of clones, twins, impersonators? Put some new colors into your characters!

Dye your clothes and be unique!

1) Talk to any of these 3 NPCs to change your dye:




Orc Village (Inside Orc Warrior’s Hut)



You will need a New Clothing Dye Coupon to change your outfit which you can buy in the Item Mall!

New Clothing Dye Coupon

• P2P – 50 php, 1000 RoK pts
• F2P – 100 php, 2000 RoK pts
Permission : not tradable
New Cloth Dye Coupon Box – contains 1 New Clothing Dye Coupon

Permission: Boxes are not tradable

For now, there is only one alternate outfit for each class. Watch out for more later on!
*1st Jobs and Novices have the same alternate outfits. Get to that 2nd job ASAP!

2) To revert back to your original outfit, talk to the same NPCs. This time, you will need an Original Clothing Dye Coupon.

Original Dye Coupon
• P2P – 10 php, 200 RoK pts
• F2P – 20 php, 400 RoK pts

Original Cloth Dye Coupon Box - contains 1 Original Clothing Dye Coupon.
Permission: not tradable

Below are some samples of alternate outfits!

• Assassin Cross M • • High Priest F •

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