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Would you like to help out your friend and have them enjoy HighStreet 5 more? Then join HighStreet 5's Race to the Top!


1. This contest is for new players only. Any new player who registers for an account from 5:00pm, Friday(12th September) is eligible to join and win the contest.
2. The level-up period will be concluded after 5 calendar days and will end on Friday, 19th September, at 5:00pm.
3. EagleGame will be requiring proof of the participant's level for cross-checking, so character details (character name and login ID) will have to be sent to along with an unedited screenshot of the character.
4. Those new players who have legitimately increased their character's level from 1 to 10 within 1 week will win nice suits shown below which is worth about 150PHP:

So invite your friends to play HighStreet 5 and help them out to reach level 10 in the shortest possible time! See 'ya in the game!

Note: Remember to send a screenshot which shows your level together with your character name and login ID to as soon as you reach level 10 before Friday (19th September.)

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