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The Marriage Version has much to offer: plenty of new clothes, a good choice of new songs, an innovative makeover system, and the romantic 'Marriage System' which you players can use to wed your HighStreet 5 lover in a stunning ceremony!

Intrigued? Here are some bits of news and features of the Marriage Version to keep you excited for now!

Facial Makeover System - Let Your Personality Shine Through
With the arrival of a score of exciting additions, you will be more excited to know that you will also be able to change your facial features to suit your moods: you can swiftly change from a pink-cheeked sweet girl-of-next-door into a smoky-eyed icy party queen. There are looks to match every mood and occasion!

The Church & Two Brand New Dance Hall
This is the high altar for all HighStreet 5 lovers! Hand in hand, lovers donning a glamorous wedding gown and a tailcoat will walk down the aisle to declare their unwavering devotion to each other in front of the Wedding Minister. The Church is the perfect backdrop for this heart-melting procession of love!

New Items to Braze Your Love Trail
All lovers should be blessed with a happy marriage! When you propose, you definitely need exquisite gifts to make sure your partner says "Yes!" If you want to lead your lover to the altar sooner rather than later, the newly added in-game items are indispensable!

More Interactive Movements for Lovers
Let others see your love in action! A whole range of romantic interactive movements can now be used to show your love for your lover! No matter how fluent you are in sweet nothings, you know all too well that action always speaks louder than words!

Dreamy Wedding Gowns and Suits-the Cherry of Your Wedding Ceremony
Lovers all long for a sumptuous wedding ceremony to herald their happy marriage, and only the most exquisitely designed wedding gowns and tailcoats befit such an important occasion in your HighStreet life!

An Expanded Tasks & Events System
The new graded tasks are designed in such a way that you will get to know all newly added functions and features of the Marriage Version upon their completion. Besides, you will develop a strong bond with other players through the more socializing tasks for groups and guilds.

Melodious Music to Accompany Your Romantic Journey
The HighStreet 5 Marriage Version will carry more and more new songs which you can flow along in the sweet musical stream with your lover! Let these love ballads caress your fluttering heart while you are waltzing with your marriage partner!

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