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Flyff Online PH: Cowboy Set

Posted by Admin On 12:00 PM 2 comments

Howdy, Pardner!

We got Bank Robbers on the run! Don't let them get away! So get your Cowboy/Cowgirl Sets at the Flyff item mall and badge up! Time for us to round up those law breakers!

Yeap, you can get one of these western inspired skin for only 8,000 coupons for M, and 10,000 for F.

Catch ya later! Wood Horse Away!!! ^_^

2 Response for the "Flyff Online PH: Cowboy Set"

  1. RaduU says:

    Hey buddy . I was wandering how do you manage to receive so many visitor from entrecard each day ?

  2. Jonas J. says:

    Well it just came naturally since:

    1. I drop back to those who drop on my blog.

    2. I make sure to drop 300 blogs a day.

    3. I advertise on the popular blogs.

    Been doin it since I joined EC. ^^