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Level Up! Crazy Kart Philippines

After beating the GMs last August they have now called on their entire crew to race! Get the chance to race the entire GM team from September 3 – 5, 2008.


Race Mode: Team Race
Participants: 4 vs. 4
Map: Moon Castle
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Zone: Zone 3

- The only objective is for the players to beat the GM team.
- The GMs will create a room with a password.
- Then via lobby shout or announcement, the GMs will ask a question where the password is the answer to the question.
- After the race the players that win will receive their reward immediately.
- After rewarding phase, the GMs will leave the room and create a new room.
- Every new room that the GMs create will have a new password.
- If you already have a team set and you want to battle with the GMs, say your room number via lobby shout. The GMs will ask via Whisper what the password is and enter your room.


- 25k gold points for each team member if ever they win. (Total of 100k points per team)
- 10k gold points for each team member if ever they lose. (Total of 40k points per team)
- If you have a Dobol Dobol Card, prizes will also be doubled.


- Players must not log-out after the race until their gold points are inserted.
- Disconnection disqualifies the player from the race but may join another race.
- In an event of an unexpected problem, the CK Team will have the final decision.

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